Renovation Progress Photos

  • Courtyard No Windows
  • Looking In Rooms
  • Dining Room
  • DiningRoomBeam540
  • Library No WIndow
  • All Three
  • Kitchen960x540
  • TVRoom960x540
  • NewBackyardGreaseTrap960x540
  • FrontandRooms960x540
  • RoomFuelTankRemoval960x540
  • NewGymArea960540
  • NorthWallofDiningRoomNoWindows960540
  • DrivetobackRightoldchapterroomNowgymWallforDumpster960540
  • frontcourtyardfromfrontfoyerlookingtowardstreetBlocksleftplanter960540
  • CourtyardGoingIn540
  • New house parents deluxe suite being built960540
  • StartoftheLaundryroom960540
  • BridgetoEastTelNetRoomOnLeft960540
  • DiningLivingRooms960540
  • ChapterGlassInstallGlass
  • BackYard1and2
  • 1200AmpPanelBox540
  • LargerLibWindowsMoreOnCourtyard
  • Windows Work
  • Wall Work
  • __________________________________Courtyard View Showing No Windows.
  • _________________________________Courtyard View Looking Into Rooms.
  • _____________________________________________Dining Room.
  • The new, very large, dining room beam arrived April 21, to replace those columns in the dining room. Currently sitting on the floor. Next step, get a couple of big guys to pick it up………
  • New Classroom above Alumni Room. The window opening you see will be enlarged.
  • __________Dorm Room Being Framed ________________________________Hall________________________________________Bathroom Being Remodeled
  • _____________________Kitchen
  • ______________________TV Room
  • __________________New Backyard Grease Trap
  • ----Courtyard From FrontDoor_______________________________Room Drywalled_______________________________Room with bunk
  • ______________________Another Room with new Drywall________________________________________Fuel Tank Being Removed
  • --------------------------New Gym Area
  • ----------------------- North Wall Of Dining Room Without Windows
  • Side driveway to the back yard. The right is the old chapter room, now a gym. The block wall at the end is for the Dumpster
  • Front courtyard, from the front foyer double door, looking toward the street. The blocks to the left is a new planter
  • Courtyard going in. New Planter boxes and new concrete patio pads. They will have brick pavers put on them.
  • -------------New house parents deluxe suite being built
  • -------------------Start of the laundry room.
  • Second floor of the old West Wing, looking East, down the connector bridge to the East Wing. The room on the left is the new Telecommunications/networking room
  • View from the Foyer entrance looking at the TV room on the right and dining Room on the Left, with the metal studs showing the dividing wall and 8 foot pocket door between the 2 rooms
  • -----------------Chapter Room New Glass ------------------------------------------- Installing Glass
  • ----------------------------- More Work in the Backyard
  • --------------1200 Amp Breaker Box
  • ----------------------Larger Library Windows---------------------------------------More work on Courtyard.
  • Progress pictures on the new windows in the Dining Room and the Wall between the Dining Room and TV room
  • Progress pictures on the Wall between the Dining Room and TV room

Florida Alpha News

Grand Chapter Conclave Aug 2 - 6

Brothers,   Every two years, Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts the largest national gathering of its...

SigEp Composite 2017

The Undergraduates now have their own Site. Check it out here....

Mentor Dinner 4-26-2017

Another successful Mentor/Mentee dinner.

SigEp is always looking for new members. A SigEp is a man who subscribes to our cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. We look for men who are academically focused and driven to succeed, leaders on campus and in their community, and interested in continuously improving themselves in all areas. We look for men who exhibit the qualities of the Balanced Man Ideal and strive to achieve a sound mind and sound body. Our non-pledging/non-hazing continuous member development program, The Balanced Man Program, is designed to help our members reach their greatest potential while in college and later in life. If you feel you are a good fit for SigEp, please fill out the Member Interest application 
Our continuous member development program, The Balanced Man Program, is designed to help our members reach their greatest potential. In order for this development to take place, members must have a desire to better themselves in all aspects of life. All of our members place significant value on the pursuit of obtaining a sound mind and sound body. This combination creates a community of driven men who are dedicated to academic success, leadership development, and lifelong friendship.
Learn more about the Balanced Man Program

We also welcome referrals of men that fit the Balanced Man description. If you know someone you feel is a good fit for SigEp, please fill out the Member Referral application here so we can get in contact with them: Membership Referral Form