Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC)

The Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC) at Florida Alpha is a group consisting of Fraternity Alumni. By definition Alumni, as defined by the Corporation Bylaws, includes initiated Brothers, with or without a degree, who are not currently enrolled at the University.

The Corporation's primary responsibilitiies are to Mentor the Undergraduate Leaders of the Fraternity and to work with them to insure that the ongoing Financial and Property Management tasks necessary to maintain the Fraternity House at 5 Fraternity Row are being performed.

As a Corporation the AVC is run by an Elected Board of Directors and they select the Corporate Officers. There are regular meetings of the AVC to discuss both Finances and the ongoing requirements of the Fraternity and to insure that those requirements are being met. All Alumni are encouraged to join in on the meetings. For more information please see the Corporation Bylaws available here .. Corporate Bylaws.  You can also contact the Secretary or any other AVC Officer. A current list of AVC Officers is available here ..AVC Board of Directors.